Top 5 Organization Musts


Top 5 Organization Musts

Being a mom you are always on the run. Always needing a extra 10 minutes to finish a task! These are my top 5 organization musts!

  1. Pre-made snack bags

    This will save you so much time. After the grocery store, I lay out all my snack I have bought, grab my ziplock baggies and go to work! This is also a fun thing to get your kids in on. I dump my bag of pretzel sticks in a large bowl and scoop about a half cup of pretzels per baggie… obviously doesn’t have to be pretzels. Add in some marshmallows and get rid of the last of your raisins that have been sitting in your pantry. Combine all in this ready to grab snack bag. This does seem time consuming all at once but I PROMISE it will save your life in the fast mornings when you are heading out the door! I also do this with my produce! Grapes all taken off stems, carrots peeled and cut, and celery sticks ready to grab! This makes their choices for “healthier” snacks easy and a quick grab!

  2. Do not go to bed with your kitchen a mess

    This is one I cannot stress enough. Nothing is worse waking up to a pile of smelly dishes, a full garbage can, and chaos all over our counters. If your like me and my family, the kitchen is where we all hang out. It does get freaking messy, and that last hour of “I’m Done” before the kids go to bed is a lot to handle. But I promise if you load all the dishes, take out the trash, and wipe those counters you will get a fresh start on a new day before it all starts over again!

  3. Have one spot for one product

    This is pretty self explanatory. Cleaning supplies go with cleaning supplies, hair products go with hair products, craft supplies go with craft supplies. This not only stops you from searching around your house for something but also helps your kids and your significant other know where things are when you are not there to guide them! 😉

  4. Take the 10 minutes

    Here is the scenario. Your child is pulling at you, you have 10 calls to make, a blog post to write :), all he/she wants is for you to play beads with her or watch her scoot around on her scooter! DO IT!!! Most of the time if you give them the 10 minutes of undivided attention they will be more inclined to go on about their activity by themselves. Then you can finish what you needed to do. Try it! I promise, it will work!

  5. Set your day up the night before

    If you have a diaper bag, stock it up the night before. If you have a long day of car pool, grab those pre-made snacks baby and throw them in your purse. Make their school lunches the night before. Make your water bottle for the next day the night before and stick it in the fridge. Have bills to pay? Lay them out so you are seeing your day in front of you! Set yourself up to make the most of your day the night before and you will see that most of the time forgetting things will be a things of the past!