Top Non-Profits for Moms in Waco


Top Non-Profits for Moms in Waco

Waco is a GREAT place to live, work, and raise your family. It is also a great place to find the resources you may need as a mom in the community. Whether you need help with pregnancy, food, or shelter – Waco has numerous nonprofits to offer. Or maybe, you want to find a place to volunteer!

Below are some of the great nonprofits you can find in our amazing city. The great new is, this is only scratching the surface! If you have questions about specific needs, feel free to reach out to us and we will do our best to get you information.

Between our community of contributors and owners, someone is bound to have an answer! 

  • Care Net Pregnancy Center – Care Net is a local non-profit corporation providing free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, medical consultations, counseling, educational classes, housing and on-site childcare for over 1,000 women annually. Care Net has been a trusted source for women and families in Waco since 1985, and is funded solely by individuals, churches, businesses and other non-profits. For more information or to schedule an appointment, 254-772-8270.
  • YoungLives – YoungLives is a ministry that focuses on outreach and mentoring to teen moms in the Waco area. Our desire is to connect as many teen moms as we can with a Jesus loving mentor who is willing to journey through life with our teen moms.  We currently host monthly lunches at University High School and Waco High School. YoungLives Club meets monthly as well.  
  • Cradled – an organization providing support and resources for women and families experiencing miscarriage, stillbirth, or other early infant loss. They offer closed support groups and registration is confidential. Visit their website to learn more and register for a group 
  • Christian Women’s Job Corps – Christian Women’s Job Corps offers an opportunity to grow spiritually, professionally and personally through our Career Track and Education programs. Visit their website to see class times, class topics, and more 
  • Family Abuse Center – The Family Abuse Center provides a wide variety of services for all victims of domestic violence. For adults, we are able to provide emergency shelter along with general services such as case management, counseling, support groups, an array of legal services and assistance with housing. Our general services are also available to those who choose not to or do not need to come stay at the shelter as well as those who reside in rural areas. For children, we are able to provide assistance with school related arrangements or concerns, therapeutic and educational groups and enrichment activities for the parent and child while at the shelter to strengthen family relationships. 
  • Salvation Army – Sally’s House, Sanctuary House, and Pathway of Hope Social Services are all part of what Salvation Army has to offer Waco moms. These options provide shelter for homeless families and other services including WISD school solutions, a food pantry, and re-housing. For more information, call 254-756-7271.
  • Mothering Outside the Lines – a group of moms who get together monthly to advocate for the special needs community of Waco. We provide educational resources for families who are struggling with their children’s behavior. We have families with all different diagnosis from ADHD to physical and developmental disabilities along with educators from the area who come to learn how to help their kids do better. Contact to learn more, or find them on Facebook. 
  • Jesus Said Love – we partner with other organizations, offer childcare, transportation and financial assistance to women (and children) impacted by the commercial sex industry. 
  • Generations Adoptions – Generations Adoptions is a non-profit Christian adoption agency serving families and expectant mothers. We provide permanent Christian adoptive families for children in need, counseling and support services for women throughout their pregnancy, and Christian families for orphans around the world. 
  • Dispute Resolution Center – The Center exists to provide the residents of McLennan and surrounding counties with access to quality, affordable, and effective mediation, conciliation and training services. They offer services for parent/teen conflict, school conflict, and more. 
  • Support & Empowerment Program, MCC – The Mission of the Support and Empowerment Program (SEP) is to promote student success by providing emotional, academic, and financial support to McLennan Community College students who are single parents or displaced homemakers.
  • Compassion Ministries – The goal of Compassion Ministries is to provide a homelike atmosphere to families with children who are homeless or unable to maintain their current residence. While living in our transitional housing facility, we provide services that include family counseling, job training/search, drug/alcohol abuse treatment, daycare, children’s programs, transportation, literacy training, health care, social and domestic skills, using in-house staff and in conjunction with local agencies currently providing support services.
  • Caritas – Caritas of Waco is a non-profit organization meant to provide urgent support to those in need in the Waco community. The Emergency Assistance program provides food, prescription drugs, clothing, household items and utilities to those who qualify. While they are not specific to moms, please contact them if you are struggling in any of these areas for you and your children. 
  • Waco Diaper Bank – Waco Diaper Bank is an organization dedicated to providing diapers to Waco and McLennan county families in need. Visit their website to learn more about how to donate and where they are currently distributing diapers

Hopefully you found this helpful in meeting a need of yours, or a place to support/volunteer with in the future. Again, Waco is FILLED with non-profits waiting to meet your needs – reach out, ask for help, or call to get plugged in!