Safety is of upmost importance at Primrose. You will see this first hand when you enter the building. You cannot enter unless you have a family code or appointment with the caring staff.

“We aren’t just a daycare in Woodway, we are a premier early education and child care experience for children and families. We are conveniently located just minutes down the road from Woodway Elementary School on Burnett Court.” In addition to Woodway, you can now find Primrose in the Temple/Belton area as well! This is exciting news for Central Texas families.

We asked two local mamas to share their honest feedback about Primrose. Here is why they chose Primrose School of Waco at Woodway for their children’s education…

  •  My daughter was always picky with her foods, especially veggies. In searching for childcare, nutrition was a huge part of our decision making. Primrose offers a well-balanced, healthy menu and slowly my daughter began to eat better! It has transferred to home now, where I don’t have to make her something separate.
  • The staff is all so friendly, and they treat our daughter like she is their own! She always goes to school happy and comes home telling us all the fun things she learned. It’s nice to know your child is loved and taken care of so well. I’ve never doubted the care Primrose offers.
  • Their cleaning protocol and routine for cleanliness is amazing! They truly invest in teaching kids proper handwashing and have an outside service come in to deep clean whenever needed, in addition to their daily regimen for each classroom. That’s always nice during flu season!
  • Learning to be little citizens. The first thing Stella learned at just 14 months old when she started Primrose was how to wash her hands! Even before COVID! Primrose was teaching her things like using the right utensil, scooting in her chair, and getting dressed. All that she’ll need to know, but that just hadn’t come up at home yet.
  • The menu. Both of my girls (Stella is 2 and Sienna is 8 months) love the menu at Primrose! It is such a good feeling knowing she’s eaten well and tried a diverse diet all day, especially on the nights where we are in a pinch (or she’s in a mood) and all we get her to eat is a lunchable or even only chips and queso (oops).
  • Language Development. They are so intentional with their word choice, lessons and the way they explain things to the children. It’s more than just daycare. From even the infant class – it is a school. Since they are accredited, all of the teachers are excellent and Stella comes home with phrases and verbiage that is always patient and thoughtful.

We know choosing a day care can be scary, but we hope this honest feedback will help you make the best decision for your family!