Traveling to Waco?

Have you heard of Waco Baby Rentals?

Traveling with baby means packing a lot of stuff. As a parent or grandparent, you know baby equals an overabundance of gear. And that equals stress.


Wouldn’t traveling be easier without all the baggage?

Traveling with littles can incur significant expenses and induce big headaches. In addition, as a parent, you can no longer travel with just a carry-on. You must check the car seat, strollers, etc.

Now, instead of packing and lugging baby-everything in Waco, you can rent clean and safe baby gear essentials at your destination and have them delivered to your (rental) door. Choose from cribs, car seats, strollers, toys, and so much more.

How it started

While traveling with her two small children, Alex Benton saw a way to make things easier for her and her family. They found baby gear rentals closest to their vacation rentals. She soon discovered how much easier it was to rent rather than to pack. When they arrived at their rental, everything was set up and ready to go, and all Alex and her family had left to do is start having fun.

She thought, why not Waco? Alex saw a business opportunity and an opportunity to make other family vacations more enjoyable.

Waco is a hotspot for quick getaways. And now Waco will have an added resource.

How it works

Waco Baby Rentals makes it easy. It’s as convenient as going to the website, finding and selecting the baby gear you need for your Waco-stay, choosing your date, and checking out. Your baby gear will be waiting for you when you arrive at your destination.

No packing. No hauling. No stressing.

And they’ll set it up too.

Waco Baby Rentals has everything you and your tiny passenger need for an overnight stay, like portable cribs, car seat options, highchairs, and baby monitors. And other items for an easier stay like blackout curtains, baby carriers, play yards, toy + book packages (by age), walkers, activity tables and mats, bath packages (bath seat, toys, wash + lotion), and hiking backpacks.

Basically, everything you need!

Waco Baby Rentals makes it more convenient for traveling parents once they arrive at their destination (or for friends and family members hosting babies for a trip). Think how much easier (and less stressful) Waco family holidays can be for the host and the parents!

How the cleaning works

And if you’re wondering how clean the items are when delivered to you, Alex answers, “We have a three-step cleaning process once the items have been thoroughly inspected; all machine washable items are washed with a hypoallergenic laundry detergent, items that cannot be laundered are wiped down with an eco-friendly disinfectant, and finally, we use a chemical-free steam cleaning system that sanitizes each item in the purest possible way.”

Alex adds, “I want to meet the need here in Waco for all of the families traveling in. Traveling can be so stressful with littles, and this service takes all the work out of it (for you). Less work, more fun.”

How easy!

baby rental

If you’re wanting an incredibly convenient alternative to lugging baby gear through an airport, over-packing the car, or even asking your host if they provide a pack’ n play, Alex is offering you an easier answer—and that’s the intention.

For more information, visit the Waco Baby Rentals website or on Instagram, and happy traveling!


Photos: 7 Sisters Photography

Location: The Sterling House

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