Class 101 has been a national leader in the college planning process for 24 years. With 45+ locations they have helped over 7,400 students attend over 650 colleges and universities, and earn over $638 million in merit-based scholarships!⁣ 

Class 101 Waco Texas has officially opened their location by expert Morgan Williams!

Who is Class 101 Owner Morgan Williams?

Morgan is a born and bred Wacoan.  Morgan worked as an educator locally for 16 years prior to opening Class 101.  She is a mother to 3 kids and understands how important it is to help our local students prepare for their future.  College planning can be overwhelming, but Morgan takes a one-on-one approach with all students to help them work toward goals in an encouraging, but structured environment.

Planning for College isn’t what it use to be…

Planning for college is much different than it was “back in the day”. For today’s students, applying to college can be a competitive process. Students that start planning early have an advantage. When students start adding activities to their resume and researching colleges early, they can set themselves up for success. At Class 101, we believe that early engagement is a game changer. We start working with students as early as 8th grade to help make sure they are on the right track to maximize all four years of high school. We want to give students the competitive edge for college and scholarship opportunities they need to be successful. 

College is expensive, but still worth it.

When you start thinking seriously about college for your child, oftentimes the sticker price for a four-year education can be quite a shock. Tuition and fees can easily reach six figures. It can be overwhelming, but college is still worth it. According to a study from the Georgetown University Center on Education, a bachelor’s degree is worth $2.8 million dollars on average over the course of a working career, as opposed to a high school degree which is closer to $1.3 million. 

Class 101 takes the pressure off at home…

In today’s world, we are under constant pressure. Whether it is pressure to get into certain programs, to get good grades, or to keep up with friends, teenagers feel that pressure now more than ever. Many times that stress can translate into tension at home. As parents we want to help our children any way we can, but a kid’s willingness to communicate can waver during the teenage years. This can, at times, make college planning yet another cause of stress and pressure at home. We’re here to help bridge those gaps in communication and help families make the college planning experience a positive one.

It’s not just about getting into college, it’s about finding their best fit…

Many times when students start thinking about college, they base their opinions on the schools that they hear the most about or the schools where all their friends are going.  We know that does not always translate into the best fit school for each student and can often lead to students transferring or dropping out of college, wasting both time and money.  Through our one-on-one approach to college planning, we take the time to get to know each student we work with to help them create a college list that is best for them.  We believe in finding the schools that best fit each student, not in trying to make a student fit into a certain school. 

Class 101 is here to make college planning simple! Our mission is to empower students, serve families and inspire greatness. We put students in the driver’s seat of their college planning journey, while providing guidance and expertise along the way to help them reach their goals. While parents receive communication throughout the process.  

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