My Body Is Not My Business Card: Promoting Body Positivity in the Fitness Industry


I did not go to college to be a personal trainer. I actually fell into this industry after I had my baby. I became passionate about prenatal fitness and education when I was pregnant as I realizes the misinformation surrounding the issue and our dismal maternal health statistics. But that’s a blog for another day. I say this to convey that I’m not the typical trainer. 

When I decided to become a certified trainer and start my busiess I aligned myself with a company whose mission I believed in. Since I knew I wanted to work with women in one of the most vulnerable stages of life, at a time in which her body will change more in 9 months than a man’s will in a lifetime it was important to me that they and I were on the same page about what I wanted my message to be. 

Our bodies are amazing. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it until I’m blue. The physical work of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum is unparalleled and the only close contender is the mental load of the same. There is no way that I was about to talk to women at this point in life with the many insecurities put on them since adolescence about how they need to fix what this natural and beautiful process did to their bodies. 

If I can help a mom have a healthy pregnancy and baby

If  I can empower her to find a way to exercise even though she’s feeling mom shame about responding to every infant cry

If I can make it easier for her to do her job as a mom and actually enjoy running around her toddlers (although maybe not so much after leg day) 

If  I can educate a mom on the fact that she doesn’t have to sacrifice self care to preserve her pregnancy or breastfeeding relationship

If I can show her the ways she is progressing beyond the decreasing number on a scale 

If I can help a mom reach the goals that are important to her even if that does include decreasing the number on the scale 

If I watch a mom who was afraid to approach a group of people grow into a bada$$ social butterfly and leader

If I can make a mom want to take her own before and after pictures maybe showing her tummy but definitely showing her face because she’s so much more comfortable in her own skin

If I can convince just 1 person that a baby doesn’t wreck your body but you rocked the heck out of bringing that baby into the world-even though you may have never gotten to push

My job is done.

This is why you won’t see my before and after pictures on my profile or page. It’s about so much more than how I look and how quickly I got those results. Baby weight is only the tip of the iceberg with fitness for moms. At times it feels hard to compete with #transformationtuesday but I’ll stick with #9monthson9monthsoff (at least) and #giveyourselfgrace. Because globogyms are plentiful but a mission like this is rare in this industry.