Last Day of School Traditions



…that’s what you say, right?! The excitement for summer break is REAL, yet I see it as being bittersweet, too. It’s weird to be done with another school year. Summer means one school year down – which is a big accomplishment for kids – but it’s hard as a parent to think about your precious kiddo moving onto the next grade. While so many conversations and web searches focus on the first day of school, the last day of school can be equally as important and memorable. So, let’s chat about about those special last day of school traditions. This is a time to not only kick off summer, but to celebrate your kiddo for all they’ve done this past school year!

last day of schoolWe all know what summer is good for … pool parties! There’s nothing like hearing kids laughing, splashing, eating watermelon, and catching rays while sitting by the pool. This is my first go to for last day of school traditions IF you have a pool yourself or a community pool nearby. Let the kids swim their hearts out, or at least until they’re tuckered out and ready for an early bedtime!

Speaking of water … Waco does have its very own water park. So, next up on the list is Hawaiian Falls! Crowds are smaller on weekdays, of course, but no matter when you make your trip you surely won’t be disappointed. Camp Fimfo would be a unique weekend getaway spot to check out or a little further outside of town you can find Kalahari Resort.

Another (likely easier) water centered plan …  visit a local splash pad! There is one near Chapel Park Elementary on Chapel Rd, Mountainview Elementary, and one at Kendrick Park. The City of Woodway also just installed one at the Arboretum and it opened the last weekend of April 2023! My kids and I haven’t had a chance to pop by there yet but we hear it is 5 stars!

Not a fan of water escapades? Go catch a movie! Popcorn and a reclining chair sure sounds splendid after a long, hard year. Cinemark really hit the mark coming to Waco because you can order REAL food while your kid chows down on candy and buttery popcorn; no better way to feel fancy and celebrate the last day of school!

Do you have an athletic kid? Top Golf might be right up their alley. Book a bay, order some Dr. Peppers, a good ole afternoon platter of loaded nachos or fried pickles, and whack those golf balls! I’m a terrible golfer but it’s still fun to play, even if you miss the ball repeatedly and laugh at yourself the whole way through! All ages really do love this place.

Maybe you aren’t up for doing something fancy or big to celebrate – perhaps it isn’t in the cards right now financially or you don’t have the time … I’d suggest taking the kids for ice cream or sno cones! Nothing like something cold and sweet to dive into summer mode. Our favorites are Bahama Bucks, Heritage Creamery, good ole Dairy Queen, Pokey O’s, Peach Wave, and Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream.

Some other last day of school traditions that you can do from the comfort of your own home are:

  • water balloon fight
  • movie camp-out night (fort building is awesome, too)
  • tie dye shirts
  • themed family dinner
  • or a sleepover with friends

Whatever you choose, be sure to tell your kiddo how proud you are of them and give lots of hugs! They grow WAY too darn, fast. These are the moments we live for and creating special traditions is what our children will remember! Have fun coming up with a way to celebrate the last day of school – even if it changes year to year!