Local Ideas for Teacher Holiday Gifts!




We would not be where we are today without them! They guide our children daily, not only in academics but in social skills, respect, independence, grace, love, and MORE! If you’re like me, gift giving to teachers is the absolute BEST; to see their smiles and gratitude is such a blessing! So, where to shop for teacher holiday gifts in Waco?! Let’s ditch the 80 thousand coffee mugs or tumbler cups they keep getting and find something unique right here in our very own hometown! Before I begin, you must know I went straight to some of my most favorite teachers for their help and they came up BIG! They likely won’t expect recognition but I have to thank them here because I am NOT a teacher so their insight was extremely helpful. HUGE thanks to these six sweet ladies: Brittney Boyd, Tiffany Cherry, Nicole Fanning, Cara Fisher, Janay Morgan, and Kim Neuhaus!

Let’s dive in with some of their top favorites in town. The list includes food, coffee, plants, decor, monograms, clothing, jewelry, spa, book, stationary and desserts!

  1. Let’s get fancy: Restaurants- 135 Prime, Di Campli’s, Diamond Backs, Oak & Ivy. Date night for teachers is a huge plus! Shout out to Oak & Ivy for their new business in Woodway at The Outlook. The owners are amazing and your teachers will not be disappointed! Other favorite local spots are Brownhouse Cafe, Slowrise, and the ever so popular George’s.
  2. Let’s sip coffee: Let’s be honest, all teachers want but NEED coffee. Common Grounds has been a huge hit for years now, in both locations. However, not all of you may know that Be Kind coffee is brewing up popularity! Located at Waco Custom Marketplace on Lake Air.
  3. Let’s read and write: Fabeled Bookshop & Cafe is a quaint spot downtown if you haven’t been. Teachers may not always have the time, but reading for pleasure is a joy for them! Checkout Scribbles for fun personalized stationary. You know teachers crave this too!
  4. Let’s accessorize: Katygirlgoods is a BIG HIT in town. The owner, Katy, does not have brick and mortar but she has an Etsy shop and if you follow her on Instagram, she’s posting all her fun gear. She’s known for her earrings but also has tees and sweatshirts, too. Just Peachy is another cute spot located in the Waco Farmer’s Market. She also has an Etsy shop called Justpeachywaco where you can find scrunchies, bandanas, and headbands!
  5. Let’s personalize: Monogramming is cute and most teachers LOVE to add this to their classroom or their home. W House Designs can do just about anything- from school gear to initials, and more. Check out Angela Wommack on Instagram and Facebook! Pics & Gifts off Lake Air have many options for monogramming-from clothing to cups to blankets to bags. You name it, they have it!
  6. Let’s talk retail: Here are some favorites across the board- Sironia (so many options here including Beeloved Boutique and Texture Threads—-Eeek both have such cute clothes), Spice (teachers can spend hours here), Courtney’s at Central Texas Marketplace (great for teachers with a more classy country type style), Firefly Boutique on Austin Avenue, Lane’s on Austin, Morrison’s, and lastly the new spot in town: Ramble & Co. Lots of cute t-shirt gear here! We all know teachers love comfy gear!
  7. Let’s relax: Who doesn’t love a good spa day or a massage?! Teachers who deal with 20+ kids a day are bound to have some aches and pains. Give a gift of “healing” by checking out Pura Vida Spa or Urban Body Massage! Another great spot is Dreamscape Wellness located at WRS.
  8. Let’s decorate: There’s always good ole Magnolia but I’d like to give attention to a couple other spots that may be less known. James & Reid off Hwy 84 has some antiques and other gems. The Findery downtown by Magnolia has great finds, along with The Craft Gallery off Hwy 6. Teachers are always looking for new ideas for their classroom!
  9. Let’s indulge: Sweet treats are fun! Milk Bottle was the #1 pick and I cannot disagree! Makenzie, the sweetest owner by the way, has a secret to her cookies that will blow you away! Other locals include Cookies by Chelsea and Sugardoodles (both have fun teacher pack options). So now, let’s pair that sweet with a salt! Off the Cob Popcorn is a favorite here located near Target. 🙂
  10. Let’s get a green thumb: There’s a new spot in town called Phylla where you can purchase plants for your plant friendly teachers! Bonus-they have coffee! Located currently at East Side Market at Brotherwell Brewery. Their retail location is coming soon!

I truly hope this expands your world of gift giving! Now go love on your kids’ teachers!

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