What is StretchMed Waco?


My husband often says, “I’m not flexible enough to do that.” And I usually respond with a roll of my eyes then exclaim, “You should stretch more!” But for someone who isn’t familiar with anatomy or exercise, just the idea of stretching can seem foreign. Even for those who spend their spare Saturday mornings going for a jog, a good stretch isn’t always easy to come by. How long should you hold each stretch? Which stretch will ease back pain? Do you need to stretch before and after a workout? These are all questions I have asked myself more times than I’d like to admit – all questions easily remedied by a place like StretchMed Waco.


StretchMed Waco provides one-on-one assisted stretch therapy to help people move and feel well. They focus on:

  • relieving chronic pain
  • flexibility
  • assisting with recovery
  • reducing stress/tension
  • increasing strength and athletic performance
  • improving balance and more!

You don’t have to be an exercise enthusiast or a senior adult to benefit from stretch therapy. StretchMed Waco, a locally owned and operated franchise, has clients who range from working professionals to athletes to chronic pain sufferers. Essentially, they are here to help anyone and everyone!

As I’m sure you can guess, not all stretching is created equal. One key factor in helping StretchMed Waco stand apart is their use of a combination of PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) and static stretching techniques. StretchMed Waco has developed this proven process and cultivated it with degreed exercise physiologists that have over 40 years of combined hands-on experience. Rest assured, you are in good hands when you visit your local studio; therapists are required to pass a rigorous 100-hour Certified Stretch TherapistTM (CST) training program and must hold a degree or experience in the exercise science field.

StretchMed Waco knows that one size doesn’t fit all. Studios give clients the ability to design their program based on their needs and goals; 1-on-1 stretch sessions can vary from 1 to 4 times per week and be 25 or 50 minutes in length. All appointments end with percussion therapy, to accelerate and enhance tissue repair by maximizing blood flow and muscle relaxation.

StretchMed Waco encourages everyone to contact them for a Personal Flexibility Consultation. These appointments are value-priced at $59 (normally $105) and are a great time to meet with a therapist who can help you create the best plan of action for your body.

There is no better time than the present to invest in your health and StretchMed Waco would love to be a part of that journey! Contact them today!


510 Austin Avenue (Located at 25N Coworking)
Instagram: @stretchmed_waco
Facebook: stretchmedwaco